about us

We are the dream of two generations: youth, which brings freshness, learning and dreams, and maturity with the experience and richness of a full life. Two women equal to you, whose mirror gives back a face that deserves to be cared for with love, constancy and quality products. We started this company knowing that a project shared between mother and daughter, will be an example for women who want and choose to look good, like us, that we bet to stay vital and energetic and radiant.

We offer this line of beauty with the quality of the things that deserve to be valued, like this company that is projected towards a shared future, with you, with your friends, with ourselves. Remember that Ari Licht is and is going to be your line of beauty products.


We invite you to try it and feel a queen. Our doors are open for advice and/or give you the chance to make your own illusion.